Before I elaborate briefly on these points, I wanted to share two small personal remarks, because they will help you to understand what drives my actions. First, a small confession. I wouldn't describe myself as a coder. And I even deleted my Facebook account a few years ago because I felt it had become a place for hatred. I am a sociologist and a lawyer by training and this background is shaping my views and my actions on the tech revolution in general, and on the Internet in particular. As a sociologist I am mindful of the effects digitalization and social media have on our society. As a lawyer and EU Justice Commissioner, I am focusing on equality before the law and legal protection of the people and our values. My mantra is what is illegal offline should be illegal online. And the second thing I wanted to tell you is that I don't have a knee-jerk reaction that regulation is the best way to solve all the problems. I am a fan of a more light-touch approach. -- Vera Jourová, EU-US digital cooperation: a common response to tech challenges, 18 July 2019.
Vera Jourova
Posted by Isabelle le 2019-09-01