The message, when it came at last, was simple: ‘The mission of this Allied Force was fulfilled at 0241, local time, May 7th, 1945.’ Signed, Eisenhower. There was no paean to victory. No exultation. Too much had been lost for that. […] Ladies and gentlemen, 70 years after that great turning point in the history of our world, we remember the sacrifice that was made to preserve freedom—those who laid down their lives for a better future. The Americans who won the beachhead at Normandy, inch by bloody inch. From Britain, “The Few,” who defied the Luftwaffe. The Free French, who never accepted Nazi occupation. The brave Poles, who fought “for our freedom and yours.” The Canadian regiments, who pushed across France into Northern Germany. The resistance movements in every European country. And, in the East, the people of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and all the former Soviet states, who endured many of the heaviest losses of the war. NS Advisor S.E Rice, V-E Day Commemoration
Susan Rice
Posted by Isabelle le 2016-03-09