Hospitality is becoming increasingly important in a world which is growing ever closer together. That includes offering hospitality to people from other countries and cultures. But it is precisely this type of hospitality that some people find difficult. Allow me to quote from a French cultural icon – not from Proust or Flaubert – but from an Asterix adventure. In the story, an innkeeper from the town of Orange moves with his family to the small Gallic village where Asterix lives. This prompts Geriatrix, the oldest inhabitant there, to say: “You know me, I’ve got nothing against foreigners, some of my best friends are foreigners, but these particular foreigners aren’t from this village!” -- Sabine Lautenschläger, Sponsors dinner of the European Cultural Days, 20 June 2016
Sabine Lautenschläger
Posted by Isabelle le 2016-06-26