Three weeks ago, an (…)attack took down Dyn, a central name service provider, disabling access to Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify, Reddit and a number of other popular services for hours at a time. The attack managed to reach unprecedented size by harnessing the collective firepower of so-called Internet of Things devices — often poorly secured printers, security cameras, digital video recorders or other tools that are connected to the internet for remote access and control by their users (…). I was surprised to discover that pretty much anyone – including me – could have perpetrated this attack. The malware that was used to create the botnet is available for free online. Or – instead of building my own botnet – I could have simply rented a ready-made botnet by the hour at very affordable rates and specified my target in the easy-to-use interface. In fact, rented botnets were used in the attack. But let me assure you – it wasn't me. Now why am I telling you this story? It illustrates some of the key weaknesses of our system. -- Julian King, 4th Annual European Cyber Security Conference, 17 November 2016
Julian King
Posted by Isabelle le 2016-11-26