I’m proud to (…) be speaking to you on a day that bears such significance in the history of your nation and the history of the Baltic States. As you pointed out, Mr. Minister, 77 years ago today, Hitler and Stalin made their secret pact to plot to deny the freedom of the Baltic nations and other nations throughout Central Europe (…) Fifty years later, standing together, you reclaimed this day. No longer would August 23rd be a day of betrayal and infamy. It would be a day when you showed the world -- and I mean this literally -- you showed the world the “Baltic Way”. I remember as a member of the United States Senate that vision that was portrayed of 2 million people holding hands, hundreds of miles, forming an unbroken chain from each of your capitals, right here to Vilnius. I was amazed at the time. You inspired the world. You inspired all oppressed people. -- Joe Biden, Remarks at the National Library of Latvia, 24 August 2016
Joe Biden
Posted by Isabelle le 2016-08-28