I would like to thank the Inter-parliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy for inviting me to this important conference. I am honoured to be here with you today. For many reasons. First, because the focus of this conference is more timely than ever. Second, because it is a topic that deserves to be openly discussed at parliamentary level. Third, because the event is organised in Lebanon. A country with a history of confessional diversity. An example for the whole Middle East region. And finally, because “Diversity in Unity” is at the heart of our humanitarian work. And it is, somehow, the other side of the European Union's moto "United in Diversity". -- Christos Stylianides, Diversity in unity and fundamental freedoms for Christians and Muslims in the Middle East: a conference for parliamentary dialogue, 4 April 2018
Christos Stylianides
Posted by Isabelle le 2018-05-05