I’ll finish with this story: when I was 13 years old, I heard that proposal by President Kennedy to land a person on the moon and bring ‘em back safely in ten years. And I heard adults of that day and time say: that’s reckless; expensive. May well fail. But 8 years and two months later, in the moment that Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, there was a great cheer that went up in NASA’s mission control in Houston. Here’s a little-known fact about that: the average age of the system’s engineers, the controlers in the room that day was 26, which means among other things their age when they heard that challenge was 18. We now have a moral challenge that is in the tradition of others that we have faced. -- Al Gore 2016 Ted talk, The case for optimism on climate change
Al Gore
Posted by Isabelle le 2016-04-03