Here is a selection of books on speeches and speechwriting that can help speechwriters, speakers, and speech-fans and –friends.
Les grands discours parlementaires - de Mirabeau à nos jours - Logos Pathos Ethos

Les grands discours parlementaires - de Mirabeau à nos jours

This collection of the greatest speeches delivered before the French Parliament over more than two centuries has not been translated into English yet. You will find other collections of great speeches delivered in or translated into English, recommended in this Bibliography section. [...]

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Enough said - Logos Pathos Ethos

Enough said

If you want to understand how public language has evolved from ‘the founding fathers’ measured eloquence’ to ‘the ‘non-political’ political discours’; if you believe that ‘public language matters’ and that ‘in the world of politics and public policy, words are actions, and they have consequences’; if you don’t despair becaus [...]

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Factfulness - Logos Pathos Ethos


Speakers often ask for numbers and statistic in speeches to support their message, but is quantifiable data the best idea in a speech? In a speech, ie not to be read with the eyes, on a screen or on paper, with the possibility to pause, analyze, and reflect, but heard by the ear, in a flow of words and sentences, with hardly any time or tool to p [...]

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L'art de la persuasion - Logos Pathos Ethos

L'art de la persuasion

Just as anyone writing speeches for a European audience will benefit from reading Aristotle’s Rhetoric, anyone preparing a speech for a Chinese audience – i.e. more and more European speechwriters – will be well advised to read Guiguzi’s First treatise on rhetoric. Good news: this old Chinese classic has been translated into English. It pro [...]

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Speeches of note - Logos Pathos Ethos

Speeches of note

The subtitle of this anthology of speeches announces: ‘a celebration of the old, new, and unspoken’. This beautiful book is indeed a celebration, as it highlights the ethos of the speakers and presents the circumstances and the making of the speeches, providing photographs of the notes when possible. You’ll recognise well-known masterpieces a [...]

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The Political Speechwriter's Companion - second edition - Logos Pathos Ethos

The Political Speechwriter's Companion - second edition

This is THE book to start with as a new political speechwriter but also to go back to as an experienced speechwriter. For this second edition, Robert Lehrman and Eric Schnure have built on their experience as chief speechwriter and speechwriter to former Vice-President Gore and as teachers mainly in the United States but also in Europe, Asia, and [...]

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How to own the room - Women and the art of brilliant speaking - Logos Pathos Ethos

How to own the room - Women and the art of brilliant speaking

Pay attention to the first two words of the title: “how to”: they imply that there is a way, that you can learn. And indeed, the idea that we – women, but “they don’t have the monopoly of insecurity”, so actually everybody, really – can learn “how to be powerful in (our) speaking is at the heart of this book. Viv Groskop invites u [...]

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