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The Political Speechwriter's Companion - second edition

The Political Speechwriter's Companion - second edition
Published by Sage - CQ Press
Published in 2019

This is THE book to start with as a new political speechwriter but also to go back to as an experienced speechwriter. For this second edition, Robert Lehrman and Eric Schnure have built on their experience as chief speechwriter and speechwriter to former Vice-President Gore and as teachers mainly in the United States but also in Europe, Asia, and Africa. This hands-on book starts with 'Laying the foundation'; then explains 'How to do it'; and guides the speechwriter into the 'Applications'. Many examples and detailed check-lists at every stage make this book … THE Political Speechwriter’s companion. This second edition expands on how the environment, expectations and requirements for political speeches have evolved in the past few years with developments on ethics, technology, and persuasion.


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