The idea of this website comes from a growing interest in the art of speeches, an art that might have seemed sometimes forgotten or outshined by new communication tools.

And yet, making the audience eager to listen, pleased to understand in a complex world, and willing to get involved, these objectives of the art of speeches are more than relevant; they are vital. For the quality of the debate in our democracies as well to advance our ideas to address today’s challenges. 
This website intends to contribute by bringing to light what is new in European speeches today. If Europeans are proud of their heritage and their speakers find inspiration or useful techniques to defend their ideas, then this website is not irrelevant.

Isabelle Gaudeul-Ehrhart
Isabelle Gaudeul-Ehrhart builds here on her experience in speechwriting at the highest level of the European institutions. She trains and advises speakers who want to make a difference. She pursues her line of thoughts on word power and power words. She is a member of the Advisory Committee of the Professional Speechwriters Association and one of the eight judges of the Cicero Awards recognizing the best speeches worldwide every year.
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