Welcome to this website devoted to the art of speeches in Europe today. Logos, pathos, ethos brings you some of the best quotes, speeches, and rhetorical tips. As its name suggests, this multilingual website is inspired by the long-standing European tradition of the art of speeches stretching back over twenty-five centuries. It seeks to shine a spotlight on speeches that matter on the European stage today.

Logos Pathos Ethos, February 2022

Dear speech-fans and -friends,

Welcome to this website devoted to the art of speeches for European leaders and speakers.

Looking for a book that will help you to write and deliver speeches to European audiences? Go to the Bibliography section with speechwriting must-reads as well as the latest books I recommend. 

Looking for examples of best lines and best speeches from European leaders? Look at the monthly newsletters from 2015 to 2020. They offer a wealth of examples how to win hearts and minds.

I have stopped this monthly monitoring to dedicate more time on a research project, currently in the making, while continuing to write speeches for, advise and train European leaders and speakers who want to speak with impact. More news on this project as soon as it is ready: watch this space.

In the meantime, best wishes, 

Great speeches,


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The Political Speechwriter's Companion - second edition

The Political Speechwriter's Companion - second edition - Logos Pathos Ethos
Robert A. Lehrman & Eric Schnure

This is THE book to start with as a new political speechwriter but also to go back to as an experienced speechwriter. For this second edition, Robert Lehrman and Eric Schnure have built on their experience as chief speechwriter and speechwriter to former Vice-President Gore and as teachers mainly in the United States but also in Europe, Asia, and [...]
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Quotation of the day

« It means that by the time I’ve finished this short speech, somewhere in the world another five women will have lost their lives through complications in pregnancy or childbirth. And twenty more will suffer lifelong pain or disability. -- Neven Mimica, No health without rights – women and girls decide, 5 June 2018 ... »
Neven Mimica
Posted by Isabelle
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Logos Pathos Ethos, January 2021

Dear speech-fans and -friends,

The year 2021 marks my tenth year in the world of speeches and speechwriting. From speechwriter to trainer, from writing speeches for leaders to coaching them to deliver at their best, from helping introvert men to advising confident women (and vice versa), I have learnt so much on so many accounts that I am preparing now how to best share this wealth of knowledge and skills with all of you interested in delivering good speeches – in other words, speaking with impact.

This website will soon evolve: watch this space.

In the meantime, best wishes for 2021, 

Great speeches,


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Logos Pathos Ethos, March 2020

Dear speech-fans and -friends,

In March 2016, I launched this website devoted to the art of speeches in Europe today. For four years, Logos, pathos, ethos read, analyzed and selected the best quotes, speeches, and rhetorical tips, with the objectives to help speakers and speechwriters to find inspiration or useful techniques to defend their ideas.

What better way to celebrate the fourth anniversary than to … go back to full-time speechwriting for a European leader, enriched with this experience? 

I am now working as speechwriter to the President of the European Commission.

As I cannot be judge and jury, the monthly newsletter is suspended, but you still have access to the selection of quotes, newsletters, and to the bibliography section on this website.

Thank you to all the readers who have shared their support, ideas and recommendations over the years. 

Best wishes, 

Great speeches,


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Logos Pathos Ethos, February 2020

Dear speech-fans and -friends,


The European political cycle is in full speed now. What kind of speeches do we need?

You’ll find below the answers by two major European leaders and, by clicking under ‘Read more’ below, a series of good quotes and speeches delivered this past month.

Enjoy also the special literary bonus.


A reminder to speechwriters who want to see their work rewarded: this week is the last week to benefit from the early-bird tariff to enter your speeches in the Cicero awards. More here.


Best wishes, 

Great speeches,




A language everyone can understand

We will try to talk in a language that everyone can understand. And we will listen, too, and hear people’s concerns.

Read the full speech here: Christine Lagarde, Frankfurt and Europe in a new decade, 16 January 2020


Nice speeches won’t do – Great, smart, powerful speeches can

Epic geopolitical tensions, the climate crisis, global mistrust and the downsides of technology can jeopardize every aspect of our shared future. That is why commemorating the 75th anniversary with nice speeches won’t do.


See also smart and effective signposting with the “four horsemen” recurring theme

Today I want to speak to you in stark and simple terms about the challenges we face.

I see “four horsemen” in our midst — four looming threats that endanger 21st-century progress and imperil 21st-century possibilities.

The first horseman comes in the form of the highest global geostrategic tensions we have witnessed in years.

And after describing these four challenges – or horsemen:

We must address these four 21st-century challenges with four 21st-century solutions.

Let me take each in turn.

First, peace and security, that I mentioned. There are some signs of hope.

Read the full speech here: António Guterres, Remarks to the General Assembly on the Secretary-General's priorities for 2020, 22 January 2020

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Logos Pathos Ethos, January 2020

Dear speech-fans and -friends,

Happy New Year to you all, long-time subscribers and new readers.

The year 2020 has started well with a rich selection of great quotes and speeches delivered this past month. Whether on European politics or on global warming, to close the year 2019 or inaugurate a new mandate, speechwriters and speakers have combined unexpected questions, fresh lines, strong metaphors, powerful quotes, wise thoughts, and care for the audience to meet their objective: get their message across. 

Hats off to the speakers and speechwriters who have made it to this monthly selection already during their first month in office!

You’ll find these best quotes, speeches, and rhetorical devices below and many more under Read more. 

Best wishes, 

Great speeches,



Whom do you quote?

Institutions matter. “They give legitimacy and ensure continuity,” as Jean Monnet rightly said. They matter because they expand our capacity to act.  They are a reflection of what we stand for.

Read the full speech here: Charles Michel, Commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Lisbon Treaty, 18 December 2019


What to do with annual speeches?

(English translation below)

Erinnern Sie sich noch? Vor genau zwölf Monaten hatte ich einen Weihnachtswunsch an Sie: "Sprechen Sie auch mal mit Menschen, die anderer Meinung sind."

Lesen Sie die ganze Rede: Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Weihnachtsansprache 2019 Schloss Bellevue, 25. Dezember 2019

Do you remember what I said last year? Twelve months ago I told you my Christmas request.

I asked you to talk to people who do not agree with you.

Today I want to ask you how that went. What debates and discussions have had a particular impact on you this year?

Read the full speech here: Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Christmas message 2019, 25 December 2019

Writers and storytellers, here's the quest

Today our problem lies—it seems—in the fact that we do not yet have ready narratives not only for the future, but even for a concrete now, for the ultra-rapid transformations of today’s world. We lack the language, we lack the points of view, the metaphors, the myths and new fables. 

Read the full speech here (available in English, Swedish, and Polish): Olga Tokarczuk, Nobel prize in literature, Nobel lecture, 7 December 2019


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